Transforming Lives
It is never too late
to be what you might have been.
- George Eliot
In following my own resilient hopes,  I
am now a hospital chaplain
. Working
daily with persons who are in various
stages of living and dying is bringing
home to me, like nothing else has, the
vision of my own limited time on earth.
Always "in process," I am considering
how else to use the gifts and talents
God has given me to serve others.
* M.Ed., Counselor Education
* Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages
* B.A., Sociology
* Intensive Training with Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend,
authors of
Boundaries, Rescue Your Love Life and Safe People.
* PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital and Marriage Facilitator
* Divorce Coach training through American Association of Christian
* Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): 4 units

* Individual, Couples, Family and Group Therapist
* Counseling Center
* Domestic Abuse Center
* Psychiatric Hospital
* Residential Treatment Center for Adolescents
* Executive Director, pregnancy care center
* Counseling Pastor, Stephen Leader and Stephen Minister
* Licensed Professional Counselor, Retired
* Certified Daring Way
TM Facilitator (CDWF), Retired
* Hospital Chaplain
(c) 2009-2019 Ruby Renz.  All rights reserved.
When I was unable to find the photos I
wanted, we bought monarch and painted
lady butterfly chrysalises and glued them
to an old light fixture. My friend Liz loaned
me her camera. I waited a few days and
then stayed up all night to make sure I
didn't miss the transformations of my little
insects. It was an awe-inspiring
experience. Liz did a beautiful editing job.  
Enjoy the photos. If you want to use them
elsewhere, please acknowledge me as the
photographer. Thanks.
              Houston, Texas
I want to thank all the clients who
have trusted me with their broken
hearts and confused minds,
shattered dreams and resilient
hopes. You are my heroes.
As I seek guidance about "what's next," or "what's in addition to what's
now," I am excited about several possibilities. George Eliot's quote is
still one of my favorites: "It is never too late to be what you might have
been." May you recognize your "might have been" self and discover
ways to make it your reality.