Transforming Lives
What we will be has not yet
been made known.  - 1 John 3.2
Although I am a retired LPC and no longer
taking clients, I am leaving most of the
information on this website to help those who
are seeking a psychotherapist or other help. If
you like the approaches I took as a therapist,
you will find others who are similar. Don't stop
looking until you find someone you feel
comfortable working with. It's your life--own it!


Marriage and relationships; adult survivors of childhood sexual
abuse; low self-esteem; post-abortion grief; codependency and
divorce support.

I am a retired Certified Daring Way
TM Facilitator.  The curriculum is
based on Brene' Brown's research on shame resiliency.  Dr. Brown
is a world-renowned research professor at University of Houston's
Graduate School of Social Work.  Her research focuses on shame
and how we can live wholehearted lives in spite of it.  Learn more
about Dr. Brown at


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the basis of my counseling
approach.  CBT recognizes the interactions between our thoughts,
feelings and behaviors.  Positive growth in one often causes
positive growth in the others.  I will work with you to help identify
thoughts, feelings or behaviors to change, and develop ways to
bring about that change.

When the issues that brought you to therapy could best be served
by an approach in addition to or other than CBT, I adjust my
methods to meet your needs.

If you seek help with low self-esteem; trauma; depression; anxiety; unresolved childhood issues from your family
of origin, including abuse or neglect; or other personal problems, you may benefit from individual therapy.

Individual therapy is also a way to work on your relationships, especially if the other person is unable or
unwilling to come with you.  Just as changing your thoughts has an effect on your feelings, changing yourself
affects your relationships.


Getting married is relatively easy; staying married is possibly one of the hardest things you'll ever do.

If you are engaged, premarital counseling could help prevent problems, alert you to typical issues married
couples encounter and give you tools to deal with them.

If you are married you may be in the middle of some of those problems.

Your partner may not be willing to go to a counselor.  
Don't let that stop you from seeking help.  Because the
personal therapy work you do affects your relationships, you can work on your marriage without your spouse
being present.

Couples therapy addresses the things that aren't working between you and your mate.  Common problems
have to do with communication, expectations, addictions, or unresolved childhood issues.


Never heard of pre-engagement counseling? Neither had I until I happened to find the book by the same name,
written by David Gudgel and Brent Gudgel, with Danielle Fitch. David was a pastor, Brent was his
dating-but-not-engaged son and Danielle was Brent's girlfriend when the book was written several years ago.
As a counselor I was becoming increasingly saddened after engaged couples came to me for premarital help.
Some came just a few weeks before the wedding date that had been set six months to a year earlier; some
came because their pastor made pre-marital counseling a part of the agreement to officiate the ceremony;
some came so they could mark it off their list of things to do before the wedding date. Some of course came
genuinely seeking insight into having a good marriage. The common denominator was the same, though--they
came with the assumption that the person they were engaged to would be the person they married. Regardless
of what incompatibilities were unearthed during counseling. Gudgel suggests that counseling come
before the
decision to get engaged is made. The book is divided into four parts with thought-provoking chapters in each
part: Are You Sure You're Ready?, Do You Make a Good Couple?, What Do Others Think? and Now What
Should You Do? A very wise, helpful book for those who want concrete help to eventually be in a marriage
relationship that has a firm foundation.


Are your teens, college-aged or twenty-something children driving you crazy?  Do you just need some help over
a rough spot with family dynamics?  Are you ready to deal with issues with your parents now that you are an
adult?  Family therapy may be helpful.  The entire family comes to therapy sessions together so everyone's
point of view, contribution to the issues, and solutions to the problems are considered.

When working with teens, typically I see teens by themselves for one or two sessions, then meet jointly or
separately with their parents.  Whether I work mostly with the teens independently or together with their parents
depends on the issues that brought them to therapy and the underlying issues.

If you or your teen are dealing with alcohol or other drug abuse, I encourage you to find a Licensed Chemical
Dependency Counselor (LCDC).  The Council on Recovery in Houston is a good place to start:


Group therapy, like no other therapy can, gives participants the assurance that they are not alone.  If you
struggle with codependency or are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse you may receive many benefits
from being in a group setting.

The Daring WayTM is the newest group curriculum developed by Dr. Brene Brown based on her NY Times #1
Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection, as well as her book I Thought It Was Just Me.  She
has retained the life-changing focus on shame resiliency that her
Connections Curriculum groups are based on
and added creative work to help participants face their fears and walk boldly into the arenas of their lives.


Sometimes people come to therapists for "tune-ups" or when they realize they are "missing something" in their
lives and want to explore what it might be.  There may not be a specific event or crisis compelling them to seek
help - just a vague, unshakable sense that there is something more to life than what they have found so far.  If
this describes you, we could work together as you move forward in this phase of your life.
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